New Year

Ready for 2018?

2017 is almost over. Time flies when you're having fun, and I've already found myself reflecting on how much has changed from this time last year, celebrating what I'm super proud of and making a list of what's left to be tackled.

My 2017 year card was Temperance. I knew this year was going to challenge the super impatient, instant gratification-oriented person I am; that girl who goes for gold and wants her prize *right now!* Despite my chomping at the bit, 2017 was destined to be a year of finding balance in body, mind and spirit. It wasn't meant to be a rockstar year, but rather a 'plant-the-seeds-for-tomorrow' kind of year.

Have you calculated your year card? I recommend you do so for both 2017 and 2018, so you might reflect on the challenges and themes of the past year, as well as understand what might await you in the year ahead. It's pretty simple:

Add your birthday (month and day) + 2017 OR 2018

i.e. For a May 1st Birthday, looking ahead to 2018:

5 (Month) + 1 (Day) + 2018 (Year) = 2,024

Then, break down that number further by adding each digit together:

2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8*

Your 2018 year card is STRENGTH.

Here's what your year card may signify:

  1. The Magician: Manifesting your desires, conscious awareness, developing skill and initiative, drawing on your creative forces.
  2. The High Priestess: Developing intuition & spirituality, secrets, hidden motivation
  3. The Empress: Nurturing, creative energy, feminine energy, compassion, manifesting abundance.
  4. The Emperor: Authority, power, determination, rules and regulation, masculinity.
  5. The Hierophant: Wisdom, spiritual insights, convention, great universal lessons
  6. The Lovers: Romance, union, commitments, choices, following your heart
  7. The Chariot: Moving forward, willpower, perseverance, overcoming old emotions, focus and discipline.
  8. Strength: Self-confidence, overcoming fears, compassion, courage, loving-kindness, empathy, self-awareness.
  9. The Hermit: Introversion, solitude, withdrawal from society, inner wisdom.
  10. Wheel of Fortune: Going with the flow, surrendering to destiny, a turning point, good luck.
  11. Justice: Law of attraction, karmic reward, fairness, balance.
  12. The Hanged Man: Patience, stillness, surrender, shifting perspective.
  13. Death: Great change, personal transformation, new beginnings, releasing what no longer serves.
  14. Temperance: Balance, moderation, patience, self-control.
  15. The Devil: Habits, temptation, addiction, blockages, issues with control.
  16. The Tower: Sudden upheaval, big changes, new revelations.
  17. The Star: Healing, hope, confidence, peace, wellbeing.
  18. The Moon: Illusions, intuition, connecting to the subconscious, revealing and healing insecurities.
  19. The Sun: Joy, creativity, positive growth, communication, self-development.
  20. Judgement: Clarity, understanding, liberation, transformation, inner-calling, absolution.
  21. The World: Completion of a major cycle/life stage, celebration, accomplishment, transcendence, travel.
  22. The Fool: New beginnings, new discoveries, carefree, leap of faith.

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*Sometimes the math gets wonky and you'll be left with a number that's higher than 22. In that case, break down that number again, by adding each of the two digits together.