How Does Tarot Work?

How exactly does Tarot work? In today's vlog, I explain Tarot based on my understanding and study, and the findings of a great many who've come before me.

At its core, the Tarot is simply a deck of 78 cards divided into four suits (wands, swords, cups and pentacles), and two sub-sections (major arcana and minor arcana). The imagery is based upon symbols universal to the human experience - that is, common to everyone's life path, regardless of gender, race or creed. 

When we use Tarot for divination, we imbue the deck with our energy (or the energy of the person for which we are reading). This is to say, we meditate on a question and, as we pull from the deck, the images we see reflected present a story of our current human experience.

This is where the magic comes in. The great psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that our subconscious is knowledgeable of the path that is destined for us in this lifetime. When we infuse the deck with our energy and read what comes up before us, the conscious mind is connecting to the subconscious. So in a way, the Tarot simply acts as a mirror reflecting what we know to be true in the depths of our consciousness, releasing it for our best and highest good.

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Love & light, always.