So I can book a distance reading?

How does that work?!

First, you'll want to have a look through my readings and add to cart. You will be prompted to add your preference of an e-mail or Skype reading, as well as your question for the cards.

Note: Please try to formulate a question for the cards. General readings are possible, but the focus can get lost. If you're looking for insight into a particular area of your life, please indicate this.

E-mail readings are conducted within 1 - 2 days of purchase, in a quiet, cleansed and positively-charged environment. By meditating on your question and your energy, I'm able to produce an accurate and resonant reading, regardless of where you are in the world. Check out Testimonials for kind words from previous online clients. Your delivery will include an audio recording of the reading, plus images of the spread.

For Skype readings, I will be in touch via e-mail to confirm a date and time that is convenient for you.

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What reading should I choose?

It depends on what you'd like to uncover. If it's quick & light insight you're after, a three card reading is the ticket.

If you're looking for deeper insight and practical advice (i.e. what's currently blocking you, past and present influences, what may lie ahead, etc.), I recommend an in-depth reading.

Need help? Contact me via the contact form in the 'Book Now' section of the site.

What question should I ask?

Your question can be about any area of your life where you may need guidance or insight.    While I can conduct a general reading, the message from the cards tends to be more resonant when you focus your intentions on a particular area.

Ask open-ended questions which allow for exploration and insight; they tend to give much more useful information that simple 'yes/no' questions.

Please also consider the following:

  • The question should be about yourself, not another person.

  • If you are unsure of how to formulate your question, just ask and I can help prior to our reading.

  • If you’d rather not ask a question, that is fine too! While I do channel my intuition, I do not claim to be "psychic". I can do a general reading, however, the more information I have, the more specific my interpretation and guidance will be. It is up to you what you wish to receive out of our reading!

Examples of focused, open-ended intent:

"What do I need to know about my job hunt?"
"How can I improve my current relationship?"
"Should I buy a house or rent?"

Examples of narrow, closed intent (HINT: don't ask these!):

""Will I get the job?"
"Does he like me?"
"How much will my house sell for?"

If you need assistance in formulating your question, feel free to contact me via the contact form in the 'Book Now' section of the site.

Important Note:

I do not read Tarot for any medical or health-related questions. Please seek the advice of a licensed professional if you have any questions about the health or well-being of yourself or others.

I will not read regarding any person or situation which does not directly affect you. i.e. "What is my Ex doing now?" or "Should my sister's boyfriend get a dog" has nothing to do with your current life path. Let that ish go, girl.

Do you offer in person readings?

Yes! I offer in-person readings in my Tarot studio, located in my home in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Some clients prefer to meet at a cafe (and that's cool too!). Details about booking an in-person, one-on-one reading can be found on the book now page.

A note about my studio: I have two feline family members. Though I do keep my home as fur-free as possible, any pet allergy suffers should be aware prior to booking.

Can I purchase a reading as a gift?

Yes! A Tarot reading can make for a memorable and meaningful gift. However, I do recommend you ask permission prior to purchasing for another. Tarot is not for everyone, and I always want to ensure my clients are comfortable and willing to accept guidance from the cards. Your recipient will be required to sign and accept my terms and conditions.


I do not read Tarot for any medical or health-related questions. Please seek the advice of a licensed professional if you have any questions about the health or well-being of yourself or others.

I do not read for any third-party questions. i.e. asking about other's personal lives, careers or situations that do not directly affect you. You may wish to purchase a reading as a gift for a friend or family member (with permission!).

I accept in-person cancellations with 24 hours notice. I do not accept cancellations of e-mail or Skype orders, once purchased. If you have any questions or concerns prior to booking, please feel free to reach out via the contact form.

If you are not satisfied with your reading, I offer a 50% refund policy. While I strive to provide meaningful, insightful guidance, I will offer 50% of your purchase as a return if you're unhappy with your reading. (Note: I have not yet had to rely on this policy! But it's there if you need it.)

Prior to your reading, I will e-mail you my terms and conditions document, which you will be required to sign and return before your reading is conducted.